Why Ya Gotta Have Harp

Harp has a long tradition of beautiful, luscious sound. Unlike any other instrument, it can enhance an ocassion by creating a serene atmosphere and increasing the listeners’ sense of well being. Even after the harp is packed up, the ambience lingers.

I play the harp…

…at weddings and various other places where beautiful background music is desired — music that doesn’t drown out conversations. I play anywhere and everywhere, from pet stores at the holidays to the chambers of the state legislature when they’re in session.

I play harp as a service to you. The focus of my music is always to serve the needs of my listeners and clients. By keeping this as my primary thought, I hope that my music will bring a little peace and healing to our world.

“Thanks so much for your wonderful contribution to Sunday’s gathering. Your harp playing was magical, lending a sublime air to the proceedings. I paused several times to savor your music.” — Alex Traube, Executive Director, New Mexico CultureNet