Apple Mountain Music

Albuquerque’s only store with harps. Kind and honest people with great service, wonderful acoustic folk instruments of all sorts and the kisses are always plentiful. (Chocolate, that is!)

Photography by Jim Holbrook

Jim's passions are conveyed through his eye — and what he captures. His subject matter is unique. His images are deeply moving to me.

Sonya Cogan Photography

Sonya has a terrific eye and she shoots different subject matter than Jim. I especially love her pet photos.

Max Delara — Complete Music

Max is very personable. He does 400 weddings a year! Hey, when you're good, everyone knows it!

Perfect Wedding Guide

When you’re overwhelmed with all of the things that need to be done for a wedding, this is the place to go for help and guidance. Everything you need at your fingertips to get the job done with beauty and grace.

David Camp — Website and Graphic Design

What more can I say after you’ve spent time on this website? He’s a creative genius who loves to play with HTML code. Someone's gotta do it — and I’m glad it's him, in my case. Working with him is a real pleasure. He’ll spoil you and you’ll never think of building your own site again!

Historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas

It may take you back to a different time in history, but not in the service or accoutrements. Definitely not a corporate setting! And, it’s in the Original Las Vegas! (Yep, it was here before the big, kitschy one in a nearby state!) Not as hot, crowded or smoggy and definitely friendlier!

Los Poblanos Inn

Fabulous, serene settings for any event in Albuquerque’s North Valley. I always leave feeling very “grounded.”

Isleta Casino and Resort

Soon to be New Mexico’s first Hard Rock designation. I love working with the staff for events — and I do it fairly often!

Hilton Garden

It’s part of a big chain but you’d never know it by the friendly atmosphere inside. Conveniently located near the airport, there are a huge number of regular travelers who use this hotel all the time. It caters to the business class. The wait staff in the restaurant know many people on a first-name basis. They even remember guests’ preferences in salad dressing and wines.

Hospice de la Luz

I’ve worked regularly with this staff since September 2006. They embrace what the idea of hospice is all about. The level of caring is unbelievable.

Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau

This is the site to go to to find out what's happening around the Duke City. And, they recommend me!

Trader Barb’s

When you walk into Trader Barb’s you become family and friend. Beautiful merchandise and a very fun atmosphere — especially on Christmas Eve when all the luminarias are burning.

Moby Dickens — Bookshop of Taos

One of the treasures in Taos — and a thriving independent book store! A super place to shop and hang out.

Long Leash on Life

Do you ever wonder why some dogs chase cars? They think it's lunch. Yep, the chemicals used as preservatives in mainstream pet foods are the same ones used to make tires. If you want to improve your pet's nutrition and general overall health (as well as our environment) then, you might want to give this locally-owned store a try. All of the food in the store is at least human-grade quality and much of it is organic. The owners are terrific guys to do business with and some of the most knowledgeable about pet nutrition I've ever encountered. Both owners graduated from Cornell University but Norm has his degrees in pet nutrition.

HardBack Café — Hastings Music and Video

They do a tremendous job of supporting local musicians and writers.


The place to go to purchase individual tracks from my CD “Nya’s Rayne.”