My first album, “Nya’s Rayne,” was designed to follow the choreography of a therapeutic massage. I believe that when the music and the motions are in sync, a greater benefit is derived from both.

Nya’s Rayne

Nya’s Rayne
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Track 6: Rain

Track 16: Nya’s Rayne

Coming Soon: Songs of Goodbye
Songs of Goodbye

I’ve already gotten back into the lovely and spacious Spirit’s Studio with my recording engineer Donald Meyer, and we’ve started work on my next CD. Here’s a sneak preview.

Sneak Preview

“I picked up your CD from Long Leash on Life yesterday. The richness of the harp is astounding, quite resonant and transcendental. Listening to it is not a passive experience for me; it’s visual and full of texture. It makes me recall the Roman Agora. I am taking it in slowly.” — Jim Holbrook, New Mexico
“When we walked in the door and heard the harp, it erased all the tensions of the day and the drive. It put us into another world.” — Nuclear physicist, Los Alamos, New Mexico
“When I put the CD on, my one year old bulldog, stops, sighs, and falls instantly to sleep, no matter what he’s doing!” — CEL, North Carolina