Therapeutic Music

It is a sacred privilege to be asked to share the last few hours of a person’s life playing the harp for them. It’s hard to put into words the depth of that experience.

There are plenty of reasons that a harp is so effective at this time. It’s no coincidence that the harp is mentioned throughout ancient texts and biblical passages relating to angels and visions of heaven. In fact, every religion has a tradition of harps and angels.

When modern day people have a near-death experience and talk about the music they hear on “the other side,” they frequently describe it as “beautiful harp music.” There may be scientific evidence to explain this. Even Harvard Medical School has research about this phenomena.

If you don’t believe in a life after this physical one, most people accept the idea that everything is made up of energy, which doesn’t disappear but can only change its form. A good example of this is water—solid, liquid and vapor—it can change form but never disappears.

It is believed that the vibrations and energy of the harp are similar to the vibrations that carry us out of this physical world into whatever is next. The harp’s vibrations create a “bridge,” so to speak, that makes it easier for people to move from this life to the “other side.”

Another school of thought suggests that harp music simply relaxes people enough to allow death to come peacefully.

Whatever your beliefs, the positive, therapeutic effects of live harp music can’t be disputed.

Please contact me if you or a loved one can benefit from therapeutic live harp music. Or, if your hospice or medical care provider does not utilize music therapy as part of their treatment, please share this information with them. I am happy to talk about the possibilities of making it available for their patients.